For thousands of years, coins have served as tangible documents that illustrate their times - they are truly ‘history in your hands’.

Because of their significance and beauty, coins have been collected for nearly as long as they have been made - over 2500 years! 

We believe that: 

  1. -carefully selected, coins can be fascinating and educational links to the past. 

  2. -increased knowledge of the circumstances and the world surrounding any coin multiplies the joy of owning it. 

  3. -meaningful collections are organized around a unifying theme or idea.  A collection built in this way is more fun than the sum of its parts.

  4. -while coin collecting can be a wealthy man’s hobby, there are many opportunities to build satisfying collections within a modest budget. 

Your satisfaction is a must. 

That’s more than a motto for us - rather, it serves as a guidepost in every transaction.  We are happy to meet with you or discuss your collection, at your leisure.

We will spend the necessary time with you to ensure that your needs are met.

We will respect your privacy, and not bother you with telemarketing calls. junk mail or unrequested email.

Whether you are just entering the world of coin collecting or are a seasoned collector, look to us to fill your needs. 

Every coin we sell is unconditionally guaranteed to be genuine and is, upon request, accompanied by our Certificate of Authenticity. 

Shipping is calculated and charged at actual cost. 

We provide a secure inline shopping environment including encrypted credit card processing through Paypal.

Don’t see what you’re looking for on the site?  Contact us and we are happy to service your want-list or to provide guidance in building your collection. 

   We are specialists

  in finding

‘coins with great stories’.